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Select Poems

Literary Hub | "Genealogy"

Zócalo Public Square | "Danger Music"

POETRY | "The Calling"

The Common | "Questions for the Night I Said I Love You"

The Adroit Journal | "Danger Music" "The Floating Poem" & "The Search"

New England Review | "The House Has Teeth & "A History"

Southeast Review | "Endings"

The Academy of American Poets | "Aubade at the City of Change"

The Rumpus | "The Day I Came Out"

Kenyon Review Online | "Interrogation of the Sodomite" 

The Journal | "Chronology with Little Deaths" 

Foundry | "This Room Will Still Exist"

Hobart | "What Light Wants"

Quarterly West | "Obituaries for the Unnamed"

Washington Square Review | "Sleep, Brother,"

Poetry Northwest | "Glossary for What You Left Unsaid: Concave"

Cream City Review | "Imploded Villanelle"


PANK | "Grain"


Zócalo Public Square | "Doubling Your Image" by Mario Martz

The Offing | "First & Last Remembrance Against Fear" "Death's False Secrets" "A Belly, Too, Weeps of Joy" & "Billy Blue's Dream" Mario Martz

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